Thursday, November 07, 2013

Royal Watercolour Society in Malta, Auberge d'Italie

I Have 15 paintings in this exhibition which had its first airing earlier this year at the Bankside Gallery, London.

photos of the opening courtesy of Peter Quinn RWS

Auberge d'Italie
 Opening evening Wednesday 6th November
Exhibition continues
Mon-Fri 9-5
Sat 9-12.30
until 15th December 2013

Heritage Malta, Royal Watercolour Society in Malta.
Paintings by 13 members of RWS.

Bronze Award from the Shenzhen Internationl watercolour Biennial 2013

Jury Result of Shenzhen Watercolour Biennial 2013-2014

Congratulations to all winners!

Shenzhen Watercolour Biennial received 2,825 entries from 54 countries. The Jury Committee selected 237 paintings (118 paintings from China, 119 paintings from other countries) for the show.24 of them won awards. 250 paintings, including 5 from guest artists, 8 from the jurors and scrutineers, are going to be ...shown from December 10th,2013 to January 10th,2014 in Shenzhen Art Museum. There is going to be travel show in museums of eight cities. They are Ningbo Art Museum in Zhejiang Province, Wenzhou Library in Zhejiang Province, Hei Longjiang Art Museum in Hei Longjiang Province, , Hubei Art Museum in Hubei Province, Chongqing Art Museum in Chongqing City, Shanxi Art Museum in Shanxi Province, Yinchuan Art Museum in Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region and Asia Watercolour Art Museum in Hainan Province in 2014.


Jurors of Selection and Arward:

LU Hong,CAA, Chairman(China)

David Taylor,AWI,FVAS(Australia)

LIU Shouxiang, CAA(China)

John T. Salminen,NWS,AWS.DF(USA)

Thomas Plunkett,PRWS (U.K.)

Andy Wood,RI,RBA (U.K.)

Juror of Selection:

Chen Jian,CAA(China)


ZHOU Tianya,CAA.NWS.(China). Curator of Biennial

LI Xiaoyang,(China)

Jury Result of Shenzhen Watercolour Biennial 2013-2014

1,Shenzhen International Watercolor Prize(Best of Show,US$9846+ Medal+ Diploma)
In Front of Table (Follow-up Sequel #6-7)
Shao Yuhao (China)
Award Mentioned By Thomas Plunkett

2,Luohu International Watercolor Prize (Gold Medal Award,US$8205 + Medal+ Diploma )
Zhao Jitong (China)
Award Mentioned By LIU Shouxiang

3,Silver Prize (US$6564 + Diploma)
A Sunday on West Lake Side
Yang Jiyi (China)
Award Mentioned By Thomas Plunkett,Andy Wood ,David Taylor

4,Bronze Prize ( US$ 4923 + Diploma)
Slipping into the Shadows
Angus Maywood Mcewan(UK)
Award Mentioned By Andy Wood

5,Excellence Prize (US$4102 + Diploma)
Water Mirror Bloom
Li Jia (China)
Award Mentioned By LIU Shouxiang

6,Excellence Prize (US$4102 + Diploma)
True Gobi Desert #1
Quan Wei (China)
Award Mentioned By LU Hong

7,Excellence Prize (US$4102 + Diploma)
Peng Cheng (China)
Award Mentioned By Andy Wood

8,Excellence Prize (US$4102 + Diploma)
Flowers Thinking Language
Ren Hui (China)
Award Mentioned By LU Hong,John T. Salminen

9,Excellence Prize (US$4102 + Diploma)
Strong Wind
Wang Qiaoqiao (China)
Award Mentioned By Thomas Plunkett,John T. Salminen

10,Excellence Prize (US$4102 + Diploma)
Michael Schlicting(USA)
Award Mentioned By Andy Wood

11,Excellence Prize (US$4102 + Diploma)
Scattered Driftwood
Brian Stratton(Australia)
Award Mentioned By LIU Shouxiang

12,Excellence Prize (US$4102 + Diploma)
After the Rain
Stanislaw Zoladz(Sweden)
Award Mentioned By David Taylor

13,Excellence Prize (US$4102 + Diploma)
Celestial No.3
Carol Staub(USA)
Award Mentioned By Thomas Plunkett

14,Excellence Prize (US$4102 + Diploma)
Oriental Jumble
Sandra Hendy,(Australia)
Award Mentioned By LIU Shouxiang

15,Daniel Smith Merchandise Award (iploma+Premier Watercolor Collection – 231, 15ml tubes of DANIEL SMITH Extra Fine Watercolors, MSRP Value $4011.54.)
Xiao Rong (China)
Award Mentioned By David Taylor

16,Honorable Mention (Diploma)
City Reflection
Jansen Chow (Malaysia)
Award Mentioned By Andy Wood,David Taylor

17,Honorable Mention(Diploma)
Dong Guihan (China)
Award Mentioned By Thomas Plunkett

18,Honorable Mention(Diploma)
A 15-year-old Girl
Li Xiaocheng (China)
Award Mentioned ByJohn T. Salminen

19,Honorable Mention(Diploma)
Interior Mobility
Dave Maxwell(USA)
Award Mentioned By John T. Salminen

20,Honorable Mention(Diploma)
Su Haiqing (China)
Award Mentioned By John T. Salminen

21,Honorable Mention(Diploma)
All of A Sudden·Hurricane
Yao Bo (China)
Award Mentioned By LU Hong,LIU Shouxiang

22,Honorable Mention(Diploma)
Traces of Time and Tide
Zhang Chengbi (China)
Award Mentioned By David Taylor

23,Honorable Mention(Diploma)
Taihang Caprice #3
Zhu Dabai (China)
Award Mentioned By LU Hong

24,Honorable Mention(Diploma)
Waste Diary #5
Zuo Xinmin (China)
Award Mentioned ByLU Hong

Fabriano workshop 2013

It was concluded with great success the workshop "Texture in Watercolour" that the Scottish artist, Angus McEwan held at the Museum of Paper and Watermark last weekend with the participation of artists coming not only from the Marche, Lazio from, Umbria, Emilia Romagna and Veneto. McEwan, member of the Royal Watercolour Society and Scottish Watercolour Society and winner of the last edition of the International Biennial Fabriano Watercolour 2012 with the opera "Taking the strain II", is spending an artist residency in Fabriano in preparation for the staff that will be hosted in the next edition of the award scheduled for next year, from 14 June to 31 August.

The artist, a native of Dundee in Scotland and art teacher, is highly rated internationally for the sophistication with which he created works of extraordinary detail, as to make the objects painted very real, almost touching as in the case of the works in the exhibition itinerant "The Art of Real" which has already hit the United States, China and England.

The artist

"I'm really happy to be here in Fabriano - began speaking to the participants of the course - because this city and its figures are a myth for each painter. When a couple of weeks ago I received the package at home with handmade paper, as the prize of the competition won in 2012, I felt very fortunate in his hands something so precious to paint. I posted my joy on FaceBook and in a moment so many fellow artists have asked me to share with them my thoughts on these snow-white sheets and news on how to do to get them too. Coming in Fabriano I saw the paper masters at work and I understood why these sheets are so famous among those who, like me, with the paper compares each moment, stroke after stroke. But it was not the only pleasant discovery that I did: I was struck by the beauty of this city, although the weather was more Scottish than we expect coming in Italy.

Beautiful museums and beautiful squares and streets, brick and stone walls, the doors ... there are many ideas that port like me in Scotland with which account to create watercolors to be exhibited here in Fabriano next year, in tribute to the city and the museum who welcomed me so warmly.
" "Angus McEwan - said the Councillor for Tourism Giovanni Balducci - adds to the growing list of international artists who, thanks to the International Prize Fabriano Watercolour, have started a stable relationship with the city of Fabriano and the Museum of Paper and Watermark, helping to increase the visibility in the international arena, exactly in line with the idea of Creative City and with the objective to access the homonymous network of UNESCO. "

Courtesy of Giorgio Pellegrini

Monday, February 11, 2013

Plus One Gallery, Winter show 2013

Shelter from the storm, watercolour on Fabriano, 85.5 x 74cm
Winter Show
Discover the beauty and reason of hyperrealism in this group show presenting reality anew.
February 13 - March 16, 2013
We are very pleased to present a creative mixture of artists who perfectly fit with the ideals and technique of Hyperrealism and Exactitude as seen in the over 40 new pieces going on display – all created with the perfect precision associated with hyperrealism.
This hyper-reality, indeed, is a result of systematic simulation. It is our 21st century culture characterized by mass production and digitalization that have shaped authentic experience to the point that reality is recognized only when it is re-produced.
This is the experience that you will have in Plus One Gallery as you encounter reality anew and consider paintings which are so sophisticatedly detailed that they more than once caused stunned amazement when faced by those unaware that they were looking at a painting.
(Plus One Gallery, London)
I have 5 pieces in this exhibition with some extremely talented artists. I am very pleased to have the plus One Gallery, London represent me as I have been an admirer of their Gallery for some time.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Out of the Blue!

I have finally been persuaded to have a selection of my work put into print. I have over the years allowed 3rd party publishers to do the odd print on my behalf but choice of image wasnt always within my control. I am happy therefore to announce a new collaboration, Out of the Blue Fine Art Prints.
You can find the website at

Out of the Blue Fine Art Prints is the official publisher of fine art prints by award winning Scottish Artist - Angus McEwan RWS RSW.
All of the signed limited edition giclee prints will be exclusively produced by Out of the Blue Fine Art Prints and cannot currently be purchased elsewhere.
Out of the Blue was created in 2012 to cater for the demand for affordable Fine Art pieces at sizes that suit your needs.  At the outset "Out of the Blue" have selected six paintings from Angus's 2012 collection and feature work from Malta, Cuba and America.
We hope you enjoy browsing through our website and shop - please do get in touch with any comments or questions.
Remember Christmas 2012 is fast approaching! 

Natural Selection - availabe in Print

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

The Art of Watercolour- Following the traces of time's passing.

I have an eight page feature in the Art of Watercolour magazine, 8th issue. If you haven't seen this magazine I thoroughly recommend you have a look. It has some excellent features as well as beautiful reproduced paintings. I was already a fan before my feature but I think they have done a marvellous job of representing my work and thoughts on painting and the processes I use. They also have a piece about the Zhujiajiao International watercolour Biennial in the Quahana gallery, Shanghai where the Art of the Real will be having an opening on Monday 15th October 2012. Here are a couple of pages as a taster!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Winning Ways- Artists & Illustrators

 The publication, Artists & Illustrators, October 2012 issue, page 61 carries a piece about my winning painting "Taking the Strain". There are notes on painting technique, subject matter and my likes and dislikes when it comes to painting with watercolour.. So much packed into one page, a bit like my work. I hope you enjoy it!

Thursday, August 23, 2012

The Sunday Times Watercolour Competition 2012

I am extremely honoured to have  had my painting"Looking for the Sun" chosen for the flyer by the Sunday Times Watercolour Competition 2012.

Sponsored by Smith & Williamson and The Sunday Times, and with prizes worth £18,000 on offer, this prestigious competition is now in its 25th year. Hugely popular with artists, gallery visitors and readers of The Sunday Times, the competition continues to celebrate and reward excellence and originality in the medium of watercolour painting.

Prizes include a First Prize of £10,000, a Second Prize of £6,000 and the Smith & Williamson Cityscape Prize of £1,500. For the second year running, Random House will be generously sponsoring the Vintage Classics Prize for Cover Art, £500 and a commission to create a cover for a Vintage Classic.

Friday, June 29, 2012

‘International Prize “Marche d’Acqua” Fabriano Watercolour 2012’, winner.

I am very pleased to announce that after being invited to take part in the ‘International Prize “Marche d’Acqua” Fabriano Watercolour 2012’, I have been awarded first prize. A total of 51 artists from 15 different countries were invited to participate in the prize. As the sole Scot I am excited and honoured to have been recognised by such a prestigious International jury.

Taking the Strain, watercolour on handmade Fabriano, 77 x 56.5cm Unframed

The Scottish painter Angus McEwan won the second edition of the ‘International Prize “Marche d’Acqua” Fabriano Watercolour 2012’ with the opera "Taking the Strain 2".

The success, therefore, went to the Scottish painter, as stated in the written jury, "... for extraordinary technical skill, for the masterful use of light and colour, for the excellent ability to understand and value the paper produced specifically for award from paper masters of the paper museum. "

The city of Fabriano has announced its second edition of the ‘International Prize “Marche d’Acqua” Fabriano Watercolour 2012’ an event that the Tourism Councillorship of the Municipality of Fabriano will open on June 2nd 2012, at the Paper and Watermark Museum. The museum is the ideal site to hold the Italian 2nd International Prize dedicated to Watercolour Art.
The winner of the Biannual watercolour Prize is Angus McEwan with the artwork “Taking the strain 2"

The biennial exhibition, conceived by the Paper and Watermark Museum in collaboration with InArte and Ava (Venetian Watercolour Association), will welcome renowned and internationally acclaimed artists.

The artists participating in the exhibition are 51 from all over the globe (15 different Countries) of which 21 are young emerging artists, selected by the ‘Accademie di Belle Arti Italiane’ and International Art Schools and Academy for their creativity.

The works of art will be exhibited and open to the public till August 26th at the new exposition gallery created within the Paper and Watermark Museum.

The exhibition will also exhibit a session dedicated to the works of art by the six Judging panel members of the “Marche d’Acqua” Prize and a special guest session dedicated to Pedro Cano's "Desnudos en el Papel".