Friday, January 26, 2007

Order and chaos

'Quiet order', watercolour on paper, 2007 approx 120 x 100cm

'Quiet order', as some of you may have noticed, is very similar to a small piece completed before Christmas entitled 'View from San Marco'. I really liked the balance of the quiet black set against the window and thought it displayed some of the characteristics of the monastery at San Marco, Florence.

'Quiet order', detail of window

The calm cool interior which has pretty much remained unchanged for centuries is juxtaposed with the view looking out on to a changing landscape which is reflected in the ancient warped glass. The glass has made the structures outside look as if they are made from melted cheese. Order and chaos, interior and exterior, old and new, are all suggested within this deceptively simple composition. The window, especially the drapes took an inordinate amount of time, but the effect was worth the trouble.

I hope you enjoy it.