Friday, September 18, 2009


Angus McEwan RSW ARWS

Private view- Saturday 26th September 11am -2pm
The exhibition continues until Saturday 17th October

The Queens Gallery,
160 Nethergate, Dundee DD1 4DU
Tel:01382 220600

Work is for sale on receipt of this invitation and can be viewed on and purchased from the website

Artist statement

When putting together an exhibition for the purposes of selling in a gallery, there are a few self imposed “rules” which I normally adhere to. Call it convention, if you will. Keeping apart a number of works which appear similar, because they have been developed around a subject or theme is one. Not showing preparatory sketches, drawings, collages, false dawns, blind alleys etc, would be another.

You, the viewer, are being offered the rare opportunity see where ideas take off and change direction as new possibilities reveal themselves to me. Working in this manner, ideas flow continuously and there is never enough time to explore every facet. Some good ideas are never pursued and some are when they shouldn’t be, but that’s what keeps things interesting. That is also why the drawing, sketch, Maquette, is an essential part of the working process of an artist.

By omitting certain pieces from an exhibition, the idea or thread contained within a body of work can sometimes be missed or miss construed. It was my intention to allow the viewer an intended “Insight” into some of my preparatory ideas, sketches, etc as support for the main paintings. It is hoped that a little bit of the “hidden” workings will be revealed in the process.

An interesting aside to showing these support works is the fact that they can be viewed for the first time as works in their own right. There is often energy and vitality within a sketch or drawing that can be missing from the more polished variety. It is the carefree rather than careless mark that can imbue liveliness and simplicity that may be sacrificed in the making of the larger studio paintings.

If nothing else hopefully you go away with a little bit more of an “Insight” into the process involved in creating a work of Art.