Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Subject revisited

' Ancient Sun', watercolour on paper, 2007

I have painted a few images where I felt that further investigation around the subject was merited. This doesn't happen very frequently, as I try to find the 'ultimate' image/composition on the first time of asking.

Occasionally though another view point, whether close up, further back, or other combinations of objects, different sizes of paper or different materials will breathe new live into an old idea. I was always told at art school that an artist will only have three good ideas and you will repeat them over and over. I do have to admit to sometimes seeing new ways to interpret and old idea, but I am careful not to overdo this tendency.

'Ancient sun', was first introduced as a small watercolour called inner sanctum. I liked the image so much that I decided to do a larger version but with a different composition.

'Inner Sanctum', watercolour 5 x 7 inches

This was then recreated as 'Fisherman's sanctuary', a larger watercolour with other details added such as ancient symbolism from the North Africa area. A Christian symbol was also added.

'Fisherman's Sanctuary', watercolour on paper

This was then explored by 'stepping back from the detail of the door to the door in context with its surrounding arch and 'melting' walls. The texture of the stone was the main challenge and I enjoyed trying a variety of ways to describe the surface of the stone.

close up of 'Ancient Sun'