Tuesday, June 05, 2007


'Chinese Graffiti', watercolour on paper, 1996

I have been a member of the Saatchi Gallery website for some time and recently was approached to take part in a video "magazine" by the creator Roxanne Brousseau-Felio. She has produced three of these magazine articles, this being the third. There is the magazine video and on her website a small interview with each artist. The paintings highlighted on the video were chosen by Roxanne and quite possibly a lot of people will not have seen them before.


I thoroughly recommend you take a visit to her website and check out the Saatchi site as well. There are a lots of artists out there and standing out these days is difficult to do without doing something ridiculously outrageous to catch the public's attention. The methods employed by Roxanne are much more inventive, creative and dare I say it, subtle in the way she has chosen to showcase the work of other artists. The videos are Roxanne's creative outlet.


The 10 artists who feature in this week's Your Gallery video by Roxanne Brousseau-Felio have been chosen from more than 45,000 international contemporary artists from the Saatchi Gallery's Your Gallery site. This week's artists come from Malta, England, Argentina, Canada, Germany, US, Scotland and Switzerland. Brousseau-Felio has also created a personal webpage highlighting the works selected with more personal details on SpreadArt.net. The artists featured this week are (in order of appearance on video clip): Patrick Willett from Buffalo, New York, US. Patricia Sea from Bayern, Germany. Shana Kohnstamm from Nashville, Tennessee, US. Richard Sweeney from Huddersfield, England. Jane Ackroyd from London, England. Anthony Caruana from Xaghra-Gozo, Malta. Angus McEwan from Dundee, Scotland. Andrea Barrera Mathus from Mendoza, Argentina. Susi Staub Ernst from Zurich, Switzerland. Bill Hoopes from Bowen Island, Canada. Roxanne Brousseau-Felio is also an artist registered on Your Gallery.