Friday, August 08, 2008

self portrait photo

Just came across "Brushspace". Another website for artists to showcase their work. I think the layout is quite nice and its very easy to use. I had a couple of glitches with downloading but apart from that it was a doddle. Thought I would share the website with you:

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Another piece!

"Illuminated window", watercolour on paper 2008

As i said a few days ago I would occasionally deliver a "sneak" view of some of the work going into the Open eye Gallery, Edinburgh in October. Well here is the next installment.

This painting is also a watercolour produced on the smooth Kahdi paper. I bought two pieces to try out. I loved the size and the irregular/deckled edge makes it look more like a scraping from a wall than a well executed modern offering. The paper, as I said on the last post was rather heavily sized for my liking, ( each layer would quite easily disturb the layer underneath making it difficult to produce smooth transitional layers) but i found a way around it.

The image itself will be of no great surprise to those who have been following my work. This piece is taken from my recent trip to Venice, Italy. I t shows a window slowly being revealed as the sun moves across the sky towards its zenith. Its the colour, texture, shapes and shadows that appeal to me in particular with this painting.