Friday, August 01, 2008

A wee sneak preview

The Fading American dream, watercolour on paper, 64 x 77cm

Well I keep trying to keep up with this blogging effort but sadly real life keeps pulling me back.

I have been working fairly hard for my show on October 18Th 2008, at the Open Eye gallery, Edinburgh. I thought I would drip feed you with some pieces from the show.

This painting is rather personal to me. The title refers to my parents experience of living in the States for the past 24 years. In May this year my father died in California, leaving my mother and brother to continue living and working in Los Angeles. He will be sadly missed as any parent would be, his "new life" living in Californian has now faded and subsequently changed for my mother.

The painting itself shows a child's windmill, with its bright garish colours. On the right hand side is a billboard with faded posters, some relating to the era of by gone days when going to the Americas was preferential for many families from Scotland during the Highland clearances.

There isn't any collage on this piece, its all painted on smooth Kadhi watercolour paper (over sized a little, which made it difficult to work with) with sennelier and old Holland watercolours.