Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Queens show looming!

" The stone speaks", watercolour,

" Vying for attention", watercolour

"Billbord altarpiece", Watercolour

Well my new show is almost ready. Do I know how it will look? In a word, No! I can only hope that it hangs together. The title of the show will be- "Insights". The basic premise of the show is to have a rare opportunity to see sketches, drawings, and collages alongside the finished item.
Some have more working drawings than others, some have none. Some are drawings in their own right and some are finished works without support material. I am hoping for around 35 pieces and rage from tiny to quite large for a watercolour (3' x 4').
As you can see the three paintings above all relate to each other. The first is my original idea for the billboard Maddona theme. The second explore the billboard as a collage of ripped poster then painted with watercolour. The last piece amalgamates the two elements together to create the large painting. Hopefully when hung together the theme of the show will work. Will it look ok? mmmm! your guess is as good as mines, ie I have no idea. I can only live in hope, again!!!