Thursday, November 29, 2007

Wee ones


this time of year appears to be swamped by the need for wee pictures (most are largely unframed, and thus cheaper). Since I came back from LA I haven't framed one piece yet, although I have finished about 15 little ones and I'm also working on about 4 large pieces at the same time(multi-tasking me?). I thought I would share some of them with you and where they can be seen in the flesh so to speak.

Open Eye, Edinburgh

Open Door, La, 21 x 14.5cm watercolour

Crumbling around, 21 x 14.5cm, watercolour

Long shadows, Rome, 21 x14.5cm

Pier Lock, LA, 21 x 14.5cm, watercolour

There are another 6 pieces at the show in Edinburgh. If anyone is interested I can post more or send the images directly to you. The wee ones are a good way for me to explore ideas for larger pieces, so although they are in a way studies for larger pieces, I don't compromise on quality.

Queens Gallery, Dundee

Past its best, 21 x 14.5cm, watercolour

Sign of the times, 21 x 14.5cm, watercolour

RGI Xmas show, Kelly Gallery, Glasgow

Gift from Rome, 14 x 15.3cm, watercolour & Gold leaf