Wednesday, November 01, 2006

The dust has settled

The dust settles!

Hi, sorry for the hiatus but I have been incredibly busy over the past few weeks. Unfortunately not always art related, but, always time consuming.

"This is the hurry up and take the photo pose"

Just to round off the Moroccan show in the Open Eye Gallery, I decided to post a few images of my paintings in situ. Especially for those unable to visit Edinburgh while it was on.

"Inside the main room"

The sales were pretty good without being spectacular, with half the show selling and the Gallery hanging on to 6 more for future exhibitions. Nine made the long track back with me the store room. Most of the small to medium sized pieces sold, perhaps there is a lesson to be learned from this experience.

The photographs give you an idea of the scale of some of the paintings, the catalogue, although very nice, never really conveys how large or small some of these pieces are.

"Towards the other window"

As always there are some paintings which don't sell and I cant quite figure out why, maybe its size or the price, the subject matter or perhaps the right person hasn't seen it yet. Whatever the reason it only confirms to me that I cant predict with any degree of certainty what will be a hit and what wont. All I can continue to do is to make paintings to the best of my ability and remain true to myself regardless of trends. I am open to constructive crticism but I never take it with blind faith, I always question it!

Now is the time to analyze the successes and the failures of the show.

"In the Entrance hall"