Thursday, September 24, 2009

Hanging of Queens Gallery show

Example of the new framing.

Preparing the room.

Well its 2 days to go till my Queens Gallery show opens. Worried? Well perhaps more than normal. Not because the work lacks something. On the contrary, I am more than pleased with how the show is looking (although only at the initial hanging phase), and very pleased with the new framing. A very well done to Hugh Goring again.

Its just this economical climate that has put the chills up me! The work is very reasonably priced and I have made sure there is a huge range in sizes this time with the emphasis on slightly smaller and therefore more affordable. In this day and age its terrible that a compromise has to occur between work that will be comfortable to the viewer and therefore more saleable, and work that is more difficult to live with. Obviously the quality on show has to be up to standard, but the mere fact that an image may not appeal, actually enters into my thinking cant be a good thing. I most definitely try not to let it influence me, but it does nag away at the back of your head eating away at your decision making. All, is self doubt and natural.
If you can make it on saturday I will be more than pleased to see you. The work looks fine on the internet but getting up close and really scrutinising it is much more satisfying.
Wish me luck!