Sunday, May 25, 2008


OK! Firstly I am still alive.

Just a little side tracked by the complexities of life. Since the last post I've been to LA again to see my folks and took 20 students to Venice on a painting trip which was excellent.

I have been trying to amass a pile of work for my solo show in September at the Open Eye Gallery in Edinburgh. In the meantime there have been more than a few group shows which have swallowed up a lot of time and work.

The annual RSW (Royal Scottish Society for Painters in Watercolours) show in the Mound, Edinburgh is something I try not to miss, and as a result put a couple of new pieces in, one of which sold (oh on!).

The Carpenter, watercolour on Paper, 95.5 x 75.5cm

Funnily enough both pieces have a religious theme, not that I am particularly religious in any shape or form, but somehow its creeping into my work.

"...and the word was lost", watercolour on paper, 39 x 38cm

The painting above, the ripped poster, is a subject I am exploring fully at the moment. The use of lettering and graphic imagery is also starting to show face. There is much more to come. I promise not to let you wait so long the next time.