Thursday, June 25, 2009

Eh! I'm still alive!

OK, Its been a while. I have been working quite hard actually, and just finished teaching on Tuesday for a while at least. Well the most significant piece of news, I believe, is my nomination to the Royal watercolour Society, London. So I am at the moment now an ARWS as well as an RSW (confused?). This will now involve me in being a lot more active in showing down in the Bankside Gallery, London.

I also met Prince Charles in Holyrood earlier this month in conjunction with the RSW. I managed to chat to him for a while about watercolour which was very insightful.

At the moment I am busy working towards my next show which will be in the Queens Gallery, Dundee on the 26th September 2009. The show will be entitled "Insights" and will include drawings, collages, sketches and finished pieces. I wanted to show some of my support work which normally never sees the light of day. Anywhoo, I will be back..........honest!