Thursday, December 21, 2006

New focus

Well I am now officially working towards another small solo show in the Queens Gallery in Dundee, the only problem for me is that its very soon!!!

Soon, as in, I still have to do the work and the opening is March 31st 2007.

I know that seems quite far away but believe me its not. There are also other shows, in other Galleries, looking for new work during that time, so, suffice to say, I am now back on the merry go round that is painting for exhibitions (not that I got off, just slowed it down a little).

I may be able to cheat a little and add a couple of pieces from the 'Furthest West' show, but, the majority will be new work and the theme will be more open and not quite so restrictive.

I shall keep you abreast of the new work as it develops, posting a few teasers as I do them. Maybe even a few works in progress!!

Here's one to get started with;

'Urban Palm tree', watercolour on paper

This is an image of a ripped poster in Sienna, Italy, (which has not been doctored by me in any way to make it look more like a palm tree). I just loved the fact that it reminded me of a palm tree and that it is purely down to luck and of course my observational skills to notice it in the first place.

I happened to be with another artist who looked down the street at the precise moment I first observed this and he announced 'now that's what I like to paint' and I looked at the wall and thought 'no, that's much more interesting to me'.

'Be true to yourself'