Wednesday, August 27, 2008

New Door pics for Edinburgh

Ancient Venetian door, watercolour on paper, 2008

As promissed the drip process of allowing you to see a few images from the October Edinburgh show continues.

Some of these pieces are so new they havent been framed yet, therefore the reason why there are no sizes next to the picture. The subject matter in a few of the pieces are still along the same theme of doors, windows, tromp l'oiel, but there may also be a few surprises thrown in (if I can finish them in time).

Long forgotten, watercolour on paper, 2008

Venice, Los Angeles and Rome are the inspiration for the new series. The image below (under siege) is so new I finished it last week. My work is so labour intensive that it can take quite a long time to do each piece, and I work on 5 or 6 at once to give me a variety. Even the smallest can take up to three full days (thats why I dont pay attention to how long the bigger pieces take otherwise I would check myself into a clinic to see why I do this to myself)! Anyway I hope you enjoy the work.

Under siege, watercolour on paper, 2008