Friday, August 04, 2006

" The Dakak - the one who knocks", Watercolour on paper

I collect and purchase as many objects as I can when I am on my travels. These are then worked into still life's and can add a touch of authenticity and inspiration when developing my ideas.

I was in Morocco during Ramadan and having never observed this before, read a little about it.

I came across the book 'Behind Moroccan Walls' by Henrietta Celarie (first published 1931), and came across this description.

"At Fez the believer charged with waking the woman is called the Dakak". "one who Knocks". "The position of Dakak is hereditary", "He receives a small sum as remuneration from the Habous and each inhabitant contributes toward paying the dakak of his quarter by handing over fifty centimes with seventeen measures of wheat"