Sunday, October 05, 2008

Drawing near

...............the show in the Open Eye Gallery that is. I am still trying to finish the last and probably largest piece for the exhibition. I have less than a week, but I think it will be enough. Although I always seem to need a day or so more than I think, to complete a painting, so It could still be touch and go. Oh the excitement, or is that fear? I am not sure, perhaps both.

Fear that this credit crunch thingy will have drained the enthusiasm as well as the pockets of those who may have been interested in purchasing some of my latest work. On the plus side I have a lot of small paintings for sale. But, that has been niggling away at me as well. Will I have enough to fill the gallery without it looking avant garde. Will my nerve hold? mmmmm!

I have also produced a "catalogue" for the show. It is, perhaps, more of a little book (A4) than a traditional catalogue. I decided to go for the really nice looking but expensive option this time. The books are produced on line through photobox and cost roughly £20 each. I am going to sell them at cost to anyone who wants one. I just need the name and address of each person that is interested and I can produce them as and when I need to. It therefore gets rid of the, where do I stash my 500 catalogue, syndrome? It also looks pretty nice.