Friday, September 22, 2006

"Dawn breaks in the Marjorelle gardens", Acrylic/Collage on Canvas

Well one week to go until the opening. Most people who have seen the catalogue have liked what they have seen. My only hope is that when they see the originals they live up to expectation. I have to say when I picked up a few pieces from the framers I was pleasantly surprised and felt a little more confident about a positive response. When you work alone without any input, positive or negative, you can easily go off the rails without realizing it, so an opening takes on a more significant dent to the ego if the response isn't mildly positive. All very stressful. All I can say is be gentle please!!!

The painting above is a larger work on canvas which employs the collage/Acrylic technique. I have also plumped for a fairly simple image. One which should help square a few circles. It connects the dakak/Watercolour piece with the newer Acrylic works.

Only one piece left to finish. Off I pop!