Friday, July 17, 2009

Who doesnt work from figures?

Strike a pose, graphite on paper

Art to wear, colour pencil on paper

Dutch shawl, neocolour on paper
Most of you who know my work, know that I tend not to include figures that often. Primarily because it doesn't always fit in with the subject matter I'm dealing with. It doesn't however mean I don't like to work with the figure but it tends to be a separate thing altogether. Recently we had a day at college where the lecturers worked with the figure without students. It was an excellent and productive day and allowed us to gain a little insight into the pitfalls of being a student. After all it has been a long time for most of us.
Here are a few pieces from that day. The first piece took 10 minutes, working with two models using line. The second and third pieces were 30 minutes in length and allowed me an opportunity to develop the images a little further. The second piece was produced with coloured pencil and the third made use of watercolour crayons (neocolour) which I am really enjoying at the moment. Anywhoo, I teach life drawing a lot, so this keeps me on my toes!