Friday, August 24, 2007

International artist

The Lantern Maker of Marrakesh, watercolour on paper

Another piece of good news came in the post last week in the shape of a 'Finalist award' from the art magazine International artist. To my eternal shame I looked through the magazine when I came back from the States and never noticed the reproduction of my painting (above). It wasn't until the certificate came through the door last Saturday that I became aware of the honour, oops!

The International artist magazine run competitions in every bi monthly issue. I put something in occasionally if the subject matter suits ( they change the subject of the competition regularly), or indeed if I feel I have something worthy to show. They award 1st, 2ND, 3rd prizes and 10 finalist awards. This is my 4Th finalist award and I am determined to achieve one of the top 3 awards eventually (ever hopeful).

The 'Art prize challenge no 40, subject; Favourite Subject' was published in Issue 56, August/September 2007, and you can find them here: