Thursday, July 20, 2006

Blast from the Past

"All things are numbers", watercolour on paper

I decided that I will occassionally show you some of my past work. Sometimes my painting has sold before anyone has had a chance to see it. Although the primary aim is to sell, it is always nice to be able to share your vision and hard work with others.The photograph below (sorry about the apendage(me) next to it, but it gives you a nice sense of scale) was the last time the painting was viewed in public.

RSA, Edinburgh -"If I could go anywhere", 15 years of the Alastair Salvesen award


"Synthesis", original -watercolour on paper

I have just received a copy of a couple of Giclee prints in the post today which can be purchased directly through the printers at

The image quality is excellent and I thoroughly recommend them if you collect Giclees. Originals are obviously infinitely more desirable but if the painting has already been sold, then this is an excellent way to still have the image at an affordable price.

"Industrial Growth", original - Watercolour on paper

Monday, July 17, 2006

Morocco: windows

"3 cobalt windows", Marakech, watercolour on Paper

I am having an exhibition of work in the Open eye Gallery, Edinburgh, Scotland in September 2007.

The theme of the show is Morocco and I have tentatively called the exhibition Morocco: Windows, carpets and Orange boxes. I shall, over the course of the next few months, post a few teasers of pieces which will be considered for the exhibition.

I am to have a catalogue produced and therefore will have to create a lot of my work a good couple of months in advance of the exhibition. Nothing like a bit of pressure to focus the mind.

The "3 cobalt Windows" is an amalgamation of 2 viewpoints. One contains the window and another is a view from the El Badi palace ruins. Its really a painting of an imagined situation in Marakech. Something that I do all too frequently. The trick is to make it look convincing.