Friday, June 09, 2006

Picture of the day

" Boat building in Essaouira", watercolour on paper

This picture along with three others is to be exhibited at the Queens Gallery, Dundee, Scotland - opening Friday June 16th 2006. The exhibition is an annual charity event held on behalf of Dundee Heritage Trust.

An artist friend of mine, Douglas Robertson said when he saw it, "You went all the way to Morocco to paint a subject you could do here" (Scotland). I think that, that, is the point. When we visit places, in particular to work, we impose our viewpoint and see the things that matter to us, regardless of where we happen to be. So I paint old crumbly walls, doors, windows, boats, etc whether its Dundee, Los Angeles or Venice.

What I see is what I see.

Douglas Robertson's work can be found at;