Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Publications; The watercolour "Skies and Clouds" Techniques

"River clouds", watercolour on paper

Through International Artist Magazine I have contributed to a number of publications produced by them over the past couple of years.

In The Watercolour "Skies and Clouds" Techniques of 23 International artists (phew!), I contributed to a chapter entitled - "Angus McEwan demonstrates how optical mixing can create richer colours". In this chapter I basically explain how I use watercolour, through a series of pure coloured layers rather than through colour mixing.

"Early morning - St Andrews", watercolour on paper
"Early morning - St Andrews" (above) is featured in the book. It shows me working step by step through the painting process towards the finished piece.
If you are interested in purchasing this or any other book by International artist you can find them here at;
The ISBN no for the "skies and clouds" book is as follows - (1-929834-35-7)
UK (£18.99)
US ($29.99)
I shall show you other publications later.

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