Monday, July 17, 2006

Morocco: windows

"3 cobalt windows", Marakech, watercolour on Paper

I am having an exhibition of work in the Open eye Gallery, Edinburgh, Scotland in September 2007.

The theme of the show is Morocco and I have tentatively called the exhibition Morocco: Windows, carpets and Orange boxes. I shall, over the course of the next few months, post a few teasers of pieces which will be considered for the exhibition.

I am to have a catalogue produced and therefore will have to create a lot of my work a good couple of months in advance of the exhibition. Nothing like a bit of pressure to focus the mind.

The "3 cobalt Windows" is an amalgamation of 2 viewpoints. One contains the window and another is a view from the El Badi palace ruins. Its really a painting of an imagined situation in Marakech. Something that I do all too frequently. The trick is to make it look convincing.

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