Friday, August 18, 2006

Little Icon, Acrylic on paper and board,65 x 52cm

"Little Icon" is another piece in the acrylic series. Lots of texture with a painting of a "perfume" bottle painted in a realistic manner. I have really enjoyed these paintings, mainly because I am not sure of the outcome or the reaction (worry, worry!). I am in the middle of putting together the catalogue for my show in the Open Eye Gallery, Edinburgh and the new pieces will be represented by the "Key to Africa". Here is a detail of the "Little Icon".

"Little Icon " Detail


Jan Williamson said...

Is 'Eye of Flora' on view anywhere? Also, is it for sale?
I particularly love it for the delicate light and of course because it is Graham St corridor.
Jan W

davemartist said...

Hey Angus ─░ve found your blog and i like the paintings very much... s'given me a few ideas... oh hang on, i cant fit any more strange artefacts into my bag, what with all my hair care products.... never mind!
Hope i wont miss the show!