Thursday, September 14, 2006


"Fisherman's Sanctuary", Watercolour
This is the front cover of my Catalogue for the Open eye show (above).
I feel the pressure building as I frantically try to finish and start some new work (I must be mad). I am picking up the catalogue tomorrow, so heres hoping its as half as good as it is in my head (impossible I know). If anyone would like a copy give me a bell and I shall see what I can do. I will be sending out a few to regular buyers.


Anonymous said...


Thanks for sending a copy of the catalogue - it's great... cracking images and a real buzz of excitement - definitely makes an old shed enthusiast want to see the originals! Hope to see you at the opening but if not, best of luck with the exhibition... here's to lots of red stickers!

Dave Cameron

Annie said...

Your work looks brilliant. What a combination of colour and texture. A real sense of place.
Think I'll take up knitting!!!