Saturday, November 18, 2006


'Chameleon door 2', watercolour on card

As part of the Christmas exhibition at the Open Eye, there is a separate room filled with postcard sized paintings (approx 6" x 8") from all their Gallery artists. I have decided to show mine here in advance (sneak preview).

'Forgotten Treasure', watercolour on card

Most of the images are still based around the Moroccan theme, but 'View from San Marco, Florence' is a piece I have been wanting to do for some time. I went to Florence with the students in May of this year (2006) and had the odd opportunity to do a few scribbles.
'View from San Marco, Florence', watercolour on card
This is an idea which I carried around in my head for some time and it is really the first chance to produce something from the trip. I will be trying a larger variation of this theme very soon, to be earmarked for the Queens Gallery show April 2007.

'Grand Entrance', watercolour on card

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