Monday, August 06, 2007

Back from LA!!

well I've been away for the month of July and today marks the first day in my studio since the beginning of June. I haven't taken this amount of time away from my work since I graduated some 20 years ago. I have always felt that it would be difficult to get back into the swing of things if I didn't work almost every day. Well I was correct, I spent quite a bit of time pottering around, tidying up and shifting bits of paper around. Finally I settled down to paint but was increasingly distracted by random thoughts which meant i kept flitting back to the sketchbook and researching material on the Internet. It was a process which I believe was unavoidable as I began to settle into the creative process. I am starting to formulate a plan of action for the next few paintings /shows. Nothing settled yet and its all so fluid and flexible.
You may be wondering what has taken me away from my work. Well I was in Los Angeles visiting my parents with the family. I decided to think about how I could incorporate some of the things I saw and collected into my work. A lot of looking, thinking, sketching, nothing resolved, only a series of ideas, but plenty of potential. Only problem is that the subject matter is totally different from some of my other work. That causes the doubt which slows up the creative process, but it is something I have to come to terms with.
I just hope that I do it all justice.

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