Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Queens Gallery show update

I thought I would post some images of the exhibition for those who cant make the show for one reason or another. There are 36 pieces of which a sixth have sold so far. Not panicking yet, as there are number of people still to visit and a few mulling over a sale, so hopefully the bottom line will alter with time.
Over all I am fairly pleased with the way the pieces interact, and the general idea behind the show works quite well. There are plenty of opportunities to see the connections between quite a number of pieces. Whether these are all obvious on the first glance I'm not sure, but they are there so look closer. The drawings and sketches are there to support the work, but a number of people think they stand up on their own right. I just wouldn't feel completely comfortable about putting them on the wall as items in their own right but if buyers do, then fine.

I hope you can manage down to see the exhibition, as I think the work stand closer scrutiny. I shall let you be the judge.

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