Thursday, June 15, 2006

Thompsons Gallery Annual show

" Dragon slayer", watercolour on paper

Recently I have been informing everyone about where you can view and purchase my artwork in a "real gallery" setting rather than a virtual one. The obvious advantage is that seeing work in the flesh allows you to see subtleties, richness of texture, sense of size and the depth of the surface.
The beauty of the internet is that buyers from across the world can have the opportunity to view and purchase work that would previously be unseen except to a select few.
With that in mind, I will continue to show examples of my work on here and let you know where you can see or purchase them.
Thompsons Gallery, Annual show '06
( Aldeburgh, England)
3rd June-23rd June 2006

The Annual Exhibition is Thompson's largest and most important show, exhibiting works from all our major gallery artists and leading 20thC British Painters.
"Door of Ichthus", watercolour on paper